Promoting Kickstarters and Digital Products on our YouTube Channels

We receive a lot of requests to promote Kickstarters and Digital Products through our YouTube channels and social media outlets. To provide a decent platform to access our large viewing audience we have decided to handle promotions in the following way.

The product you are creating with your kickstarter, or the digital product you have produced, will be offered as a prize in our monthly "Guild Build Craft Off". A community crafting competition held across our channels each month. Your product would be showcased in a "prize" video and social media posts with a brief description of the product and the relevant links to purchase, or back the product.

We have a few requirements before we will consider your product:

  • Regardless of whether your kickstarter funds or not, the product must be supplied to both the guildmasters and the prize winner. We will not accept any kickstarter where there is a chance that the product cannot be fulfilled, or where the product does not yet exist in a physical form (it can be a prototype).
  • You are responsible for all postage, shipping and handeling. Our prizes may need to ship internationally.
  • Each one of the guildmasters must receive the product if you wish them to make a video showing the product as a prize.
  • The prize winner and each guildmaster must receive 1 copy of any digital product.
  • If you wish the guildmasters to show a printed version of a digital product you are responsible for printing and shipping to each guildmaster.
  • Where a digital product is an online service you will need to supply 1 calendar year access to the prize winner and the guildmasters.
  • You must supply us with all the relevant details for your product or kickstarter: dates, information, product information, etc - we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information if we are not supplied with your correct details.

Please contact us well in advance of your kickstarter, or product launch so that it makes it easier to co-ordinate with you and maximize the impact.

To contact the guild use the email address business@ and the rest of the website address