Tabletop Crafters Guild

Miniature terrain can enhance your tabletop game immensely. Whether you want to lay out a dungeon or an outdoor scene, there are many products out there...but the cheapest, most enjoyable, and most rewarding method is to make your own. And you can do it. Anyone can do it! Even if you only have access to cardboard and craft paint, you can create an entire world.

The Tabletop Crafters Guild community exists to inspire ideas to share. You inspire us and in turn we hope to inspire you. We are not the authorities on the state of this art. We simply love crafting...but we also happen to love making instructional YouTube videos. YouTube is a fantastic way to convey ideas and share lessons, especially if you’re brand new to the hobby or short on ideas. It has another advantage: we are stronger together, and we all stand to benefit.

Our objective in banding together now, after these formative years, is to bring tangible benefits to the community; we’re talking discounts, products for review, giveaways, demonstrations, highlight community or relevant Kickstarters and collaborations with game companies and streamers to spotlight the craft.

You’re going to see the four of us interacting with each other a lot more. Cross-channel appearances, project collaborations, and more. On the rare occasions that this has already happened, feedback from you all has been very positive, and we think you want more of it.

We’re going to do more to consciously bring attention to the many smaller YouTube channels out there. Again, we four are not an authority, and we should use our large platforms to help grow the smaller ones. Additionally, we hope to begin to include other channels as permanent members of the guild as they grow, expand and show an ongoing commitment to the community.

We hope to bring you opportunities to help your hobby. We plan to leverage our popularity on YouTube (over 200,000 combined subscribers) to jointly reach out to companies and arrange partnerships - for example, we might do a product review but at the same time be able to offer you a promotional code for that product, exclusive to the Guild community.

And what can you do as the community? Well obviously: keep being awesome. Keep sharing your work and your ideas in a constructive environment. Keep spreading the word about The Craft, in other facebook groups, forums, and social media.

Go forth and craft!