Guild Build Craft Off

This terrain crafting competition is open to everyone involved in the tabletop terrain crafting community. It is a monthly competition organised by the Guildmasters and run through the YouTube community tab on each of the Guildmaster channels (to find the tab go to a YouTube channel page and click on "Community").

The goal of the competition is to generate interest in crafting tabletop terrain and expose the best crafts in the community to the community at large.

Competition Rules:

  1. This competition is a game of skill and not chance.
  2. The competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world who is not currently a guild master.
  3. Minors (anyone under the age of 18) must have their entry sent by a parent or legal guardian to be valid. Any contact details provided should be those of the minor's parent or legal guardian only.
  4. Your entry must be emailed to the email address provided in the video announcing the competition each month.
  5. Your entry must contain the specified household item for the particular competition you enter modified to be a part of the terrain you create - if it is not immediately recognisable that you have used the item, please explain the use in your entry.
  6. Your entry must include one single digital photo of the work created from what you believe is the best angle to view the piece from. Where possible, please have a clear, plain, single colour background devoid of objects, or personally identifiable markings, imagery, environments, or artifacts. You may use lighting, physical and atmospheric effects to enhance the piece, but you may not use any form of digital enhancement or manipulation of any kind (including colour filters, tints, grading, different angles, inserts, contrast and other digital photographic effects).
  7. You must not email us a link to a photo sharing/storage site for your entry. Your photo must be attached to the entry email. If there is no attachment, you will not be entered.
  8. Your entry must be somehow usable as a feature in miniature tabletop scenery. It can be used with other miniature features for the purposes of representing an environment within the context of a tabletop game.
  9. Your entry must reach us before the 11:59PM US Pacific time on the final day of the month of the competition.
  10. The selection of the finalists will be within 14 days of the closing of the competition.
  11. Public voting on the winner shall be conducted via the YouTube community tab on one of the guildmaster channels. Voting will end 7 days from the announcement of the finalists. The exact time that voting closes will be listed in the post that includes the vote.
  12. In the event of a tie in the public vote count, the guild masters will make the final tie breaker decision.
  13. By entering the competition you agree that if you are one of the finalists you allow your work, and your name, to be used in future videos and social media posts related to this competition on any, or all, of the current, or future, guild master channels or social media outlets.
  14. Only one entry per person will be accepted per month, any subsequent entries in the same month disqualify you from competition.
  15. Any entry which contravenes the rules disqualify you from competition.
  16. This competition does not involve YouTube and any of their parents or subsidiaries.
  17. Your personal information is only collected in order to verify your contact information if you are the winner. Your personal information will never be on-sold to a third party.
  18. Any prizes offered are not exchangeable for anything else. If you refuse the prize it will be offered to the next runner up.
  19. If you fail to claim any prize offered within 14 days of the announcement, it will automatically be considered refused and will be offered to the next runner up.
  20. The judges' (the current guild masters) decision is final.

Go forth and craft!